Luxury for Less: Dolce and Gabbana Fall Winter 2014 Boots

Dolce & Gabbana's coveted suede and leather studded over-the-knee chain mail inspired knight armour boots as seen on the runway can now be purchased for less if you really want this sort of design and don't want to splurge out on a pair for thousands.

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The gem and stud faceted boots may look nice and bling-ey on the runway but cheap-looking in a close up view.

The quality of Dolce and Gabbana items nowadays are questionable. We had a leopard print calf hair bejewelled chain strap handbag in our possession which has mysteriously shed all its hair as if it had been burnt. When we brought the bag down to the Dolce and Gabbana boutique at ION Orchard in Singapore, the manager was unable to explain anything to us or worse still, do anything about it.

We have since rest our case and decided to recommend our readers to avoid buying leather and calf-hair skin products from Dolce and Gabbana in fear that one may end up with the same defective product and served with the same lacklustre customer service that we experienced.

One very good reason why people generally choose to buy luxury designer goods besides its quality, is the quality after-sales service that usually follows. Sadly, it seems this is not the case for most designer brands nowadays. 

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A similar studded over-the-knee boots by Jeffrey Campbell.

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Which do you prefer? The Dolce and Gabbana version or the Jeffrey Campbell?


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