Luxury for Less: Miu Miu Mac

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It's raining coats this season but which style appeals to you most? Certainly not the Miu Miu raincoat for us.

Unfortunately Miu Miu has made the mac popular again in various materials such as PVC, fur, leather and jacquard.

The Mac-ro disaster took place on Miu Miu's Fall Winter 2014 runway and since then, a few copycats have emerged on the high-street or e-commerce market.

Occasionally, the interpretation from copycat retailers are far better than the original runway versions. However most of the time, we find it somewhat lacking especially in quality.

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Behold the ASOS rain mac with high shine panel detail or basically faux patent leather. This interpretation of the Miu Miu Fall 2014 raincoat is by far better by leaps and bounds not just in the pricing arena but design, colour and texture.

In fact it looks more expensive than the cheap-looking Miu Miu version which we actually had the chance to try in store earlier in the year.

The jacquard mac style Miu Miu trench coat which we tried on was ratty and tattered in the corners such as the sleeves, coat endings and the button fastening area had jacquard threads sticking out of them.

Our verdict: Stick to the ASOS version if you like this sixties style rain mac coat.


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