The Difference of Superficial and Stylish

What is the Difference between Superficial and Stylish?

There's an ongoing war between the stylish and the fashion-flops, haves and have-nots, geeks and geek-chics and the list goes on.

What creates this huge vortex of misunderstanding so much so that people detest each other to the extent of name calling and turning immature?


The word "Superficial" can be defined as "occurring on the surface level".

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Image of a "typical" fashion blogger from Just because you are carrying a brand name bag - black Celine luggage bag doesn't mean wearing a boring gray suit ensemble with an equally boring black bag that makes you blend in the background and in crowds makes you in any way fashionable.

Simply put, what it seems may not be what it is. Fashion is often considered superficial to the uniatiated or the majority that do not give any care to their appearance. Unfortunately, the appropriate word to describe these set of the majority who disregard fashion is sloppy.

Fashion has earned itself a bad name with the industry partly to blame dishing out overpriced junk from the bygone era to serve the mainly affluent elderly customers who were born in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Fashion became about being associated with brand name labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci who spend millions on advertising and pretty much plastering their label or monogram in every corner of the world.

It does not help that "fashion-obsessed" or should we say "label obsessed" fashionistas and bloggers who would not have their photos taken without a Chanel handbag or Karl Lagerfeld Fendi bag bug or monster keychain, further add on to the stereotype of those who enjoy fashion being seen as superficial and self-obsessed.


What happened to individuals having their own personal style?

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Image of Bette Franke wearing an oversized candy pink goat hair coat on the Gucci Fall Winter 2014 runway show from

Humans have the tendency to congregate and form groups, feel the pressure to conform and overlook the importance of finding one's individuality.

Over the decades, popular media in the form of mass-market magazines, TV and other publications have pervaded the easily malleable minds of the masses and turned most people into nothing but mindless consumption robots.

Further down the line, priorities in life of a person gets influenced by family, friends and society (workplace and environment).

For most who fail to struggle away from conformities and question what the mass media feeds their minds, lack a sense of pride towards their individuality and of course - style.

People who don't conform start getting fitted into a category or labelled with something that helps other conformers easier understand what they are. People dislike unfamiliarity and uncertainty. They start forming conspiracy theories like the Ancient Aliens TV show on the History Channel.

In fact some people who simply don't fall into any category become labelled as weird, strange or crazy (ALIEN). - YES, IT'S UNLIKELY YOU.

Style is defined as a manner of doing something in a distinctive fashion.

No matter who you are, be it a computer programmer or an art-house director, there is always room for improvement in whatever you do just like finding yourself - not just internally but externally as well.

How would you like to appear to others? Which is the best way to present myself to the world and most importantly myself (how I feel) to make me feel the best which I have yet to discover?

At Unlikely You, we always emphasise the importance of discovering your true self in your sense of style. Because one should aspire to be their best in whatever they do and in every aspect of life.

For a personal consultation to discover your style and personal best, experience a (perhaps life-changing) makeover, contact us today.


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