Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Fall 2015 Runway Review

Chanel's Fall Winter 2015 runway show had model hairstyles inspired by the late Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek.

The skull cap hairdo was perhaps not the most flattering look for runway models already wearing ridiculous floppy black outfits resembling bats or quilted black garbage bags.

Soo Joo Park and Cara Delevingne were just some of the unfortunate supermodels who had to bear with terrible hairstyling, gory grey make-up and dresses and skirts that bulked up their petite frame.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Part two of the Chanel runway show featured the classic tweed jackets with gorilla-sized hairy arms that looked like they were made from cheap faux fur that resembled badly worn-out mop heads.

Light pink frilly clown collars, more old-smelling wool skirts, jackets, vests that old English retired lecturers might even think twice before donning one on filled the brasserie inspired runway show. Nothing could be more off-putting that a French brasserie filled with old ladies wearing the same outfit. 

Even the men's runway outfit was ruined by a large silk scarf that looked like it belonged to some old granny hence our inspiration for the nursing home backdrop.

After all, why would the Chanel runway outfits matter when most of the sales would be in the classic black quilted handbags, Chanel No.5 perfume and boring old mono-coloured tweed jackets.

Perhaps it's time for Karl Lagerfeld to take a long vacation and retire.


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