Eco Friendly Clothing for Earth Day

Our Earth Day inspiration, Australian beauty and supermodel Gemma Ward who loves nature. Image source: Fashion Copius

How to Save the Earth, One Garment at a Time

America alone discards 10.5million tons of every year. They also buy five times more clothing than they did before in 1980. Source: The Atlantic

Today is Earth Day although every day should be earth day. So how can a fashion-loving person like you contribute to a clean and green world?

Buy vintage

Old and used doesn't mean it should be discarded. Fashion favourite Ashley Olsen has been seen carrying her favourite crocodile print Fendi tote for ages.

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Used items are not necessarily abused, dirty and old-looking. Depending on how the previous owner has treated their handbag or garment, most pre-owned goods look almost as good as new with little or no defects.

After carefully examining a jacket, dress or shirt one can tell if it has been worn more than a couple of times by checking the seams, colour of the item and more.

Besides visiting vintage shops, there are plenty of second-hand online stores such as Gilt that sell lightly-worn pre-owned goods.

If it ain't broke, it ain't broke

Tempted to buy something every time you walk into a store? Stop, ask yourself these questions and think for a good hard moment before you splurge on something you don't really need.
  • Do you have the same outfit in a different colour or an outfit that looks almost the same as the one you want?
  • Do you have plenty of outfits in the same colour already?
  • How many times do you see yourself wearing that outfit or accessory? Would it be staying in the closet with the rest of your stuff?


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(From left: Patchwork suede mini-skirt from Milk It, Top right: Patchwork long suede vest from Milk It, Bottom right: Bohemian gladiator leather sandals by Free People)

Brands like Milk It from ASOS only use recycled clothing to make new ones. Beautiful pieces of suede leather are fashioned into skirts and vests. Patchwork need not be painful to look at any more.

H and M's Concious collection makes use of sustainable or eco-friendly fabric such as organic cow leather to make cute crop top bralets.

By making a well-informed decision to purchase from eco-friendly and sustainable brands, you can help make make the world a better place to live in, one garment at a time.


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