Inspiration behind Spring Summer 2015 Cover

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The Inspiration Behind our new Spring Summer 2015 cover brings together all the key trends for the next quarter of the year and features heavyweight fashion influencers this season such as Moschino, Etro and Chloe.

Follow us closely for the epitome of this season's Spring Summer glitz and glamour.

Trend #1: All that Glitters is Gold

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Moschino debuted golden barbie doll like models on their Spring Summer 2015 runway show. Pink was the traditional colour of choice for the iconic American doll brand but gold is eternal and metallics have always been a favourite choice for the Italian designer house and its creative chief Jeremy Scott.

The sexy gold cropped bustier top with bling-bling qualities as the Moschino logo on the belt is not leather but cleverly coated denim, lightweight enough for warmer weather.

Gold handbags, cowboy boots and accessories will further add a touch of glam to whatever you are wearing.

Trend #2: Bling up with Sequins

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Ashish takes casual wear by storm as the menswear jeans and drawstring track pants in raucous rainbow colours are bling-ed up with hundreds and thousands of sequins.

Trend #3: Bold stripes

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Bold stripes in black and white are utterly boring. Bold stripes in multicolour on the other hand are not only beautiful to look at but add a great balance to cool whites and neutrals.

Exotic accessories such as this over-sized messenger bag with a Springbok fur flap by Dries Van Noten is sure to add an extra raw edge to elegant dressing.

Trend #4: Glitter Round Glasses

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These pretty round sunglasses by Markus Lupfer have red lenses and purple glitter in the frame. This Spring, it's all about bright fun colours all pimped up.

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Holographic, high-gloss trench coats and studded jelly sandals describe a devil-may-care attitude only suitable for confident individuals. Unfortunately, these ideas didn't make it to our cover inspiration.

Trend #5: Bohemian Festival Wild child

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This spring or summer's biggest trend and our most favourite look of the season has got to be the resurgence of native american boho chic style. Everything fringed and in suede is cool for that handmade, hand-cut, washed-out and weathered rugged look.

Model Sasha Luss wears a lovely pair of soft, suede fringe Glastonbury boots from Etro's Spring Summer runway show. The poncho inspired top has suede leather stitching details on the open-style low collar and is paired with inter-layered Navajo design beaded necklaces.


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