Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dia de los muertos Fashion Editorial


Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos is a festival for all Mexican families to celebrate and commemorate their dead loved ones. Traditionally, families visit cemeteries and graves to pay respects to their relatives with offerings such as marigold flowers, sugar skulls, skeleton decorations and food.

It is common for people to wear skeleton costumes and decorate their faces with painted imagery of Calaveras or skulls in the like of Lady Catrina, a famous cartoon character depicting an upper-class Mexican lady that was created by Mexican illustrator José Guadalupe Posada.

Since the Day of the Dead falls on Halloween and ends on the 2nd day of November, it is also closely linked to Hallowmas, All Saint's Day or All Souls Day celebrated by Christians and Catholics throughout the world.

We had plenty of fun shooting our fashion editorial for Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Enjoy!

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Trivia: Elaborately decorated or designed sugar skulls are incredibly popular Mexican style skull tattoos.

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The night where dead souls return from the realm of the undead. Do you believe in reincarnation? Make-up: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Siberia, Bobbi brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink, NARSissist Hardwired Eye Kit

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Take a moment to savour what's it like to come to life again.

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Radioactivity or Paranamol acitivity? Mustard romper: Minkpink

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Staring death in the face. Southwestern knitted grandpa cardigan: Denim and Supply Ralph Lauren

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Date night didn't turn out so well. What a RIP-off! Nail polish: Burberry in Dark Trench, Ciate in White Heat

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Skeletons are not humans but we need coffee love too!

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Feeding time. Relax, there are no humans on the menu.

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Home time = back to the dead.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Earth Day Special: 50 Ways to Say Snow

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Pink Goat hair coat: Gucci, python print skate sneakers: Kurt Geiger

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White cable knit sweater worn as a mini dress: Polo Ralph Lauren

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Make-up: Bobbi Brown

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Mustard leggings: Pull & Bear, Rubber rain boots: Stylist's own

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Hope you enjoyed our fashion editorial just for Earth Day 2016.

We believe in conservation and supporting sustainable fashion brands. As the earth's temperature is rising and more animals are becoming extinct due to climate change and destruction of their natural habitat to make way for urbanisation, it is our responsibility as an individual and an inhabitant of this planet to keep it safe and beautiful for generations to come.

Incorporating vintage goods, eco-friendly clothing and accessories made from recycled outfits is a good start towards becoming a more earth-friendly and conscious consumer.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Misery at Miu Miu Fall 2016 Milan Fashion Week

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"Hi my name is Rex and I work at a gas station near you. I'm as smooth as my greasy hair."

Unfortunately, this was the opening look for the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2016 runway show which ended Paris fashion week on an all-time low.

When Vogue's Sarah Mower quizzed designer Miuccia Prada on what Miu Miu is about. Her response was astonishing.

 “Dressing with what’s left. Nobility and misery!” 

Ironically, the businesswoman who took over the family-run business since 1978 was joking.

Miu Miu was supposed to be fun and exciting but perhaps they hit the nail on the spot for teenagers who want to dress really bad nowadays as they try to unravel their present by taking bad references from the past.

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"Excuse me madam, but you are leaving with the dinner table top." - waiter at a high-end restaurant

Probably quite as embarrassing as leaving the washroom with toilet paper stuck on your outfit, the giant, what-was-supposed-to-look-like-a-bow, seemed as awkward and out-of-place as the lace collar and musty carpet-inspired tapestry belt on a standard denim jacket.

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How did they manage to photoshop supermodel Edie Campbell's waistline away?

It is quite impressive to achieve the effect of looking like you have no figure even with a belt cinched above one's waist. We can only blame heartless layering and unflattering, cropped pirate pants for this one.

Last season's Gucci furry slippers were quirky but kinda cool. This season's furry slippers by Miu Miu looked like a cheap fetish item for the bedroom of 12-year-olds.

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"Help help, those hideous collars just won't disappear!"

The model's expression really sums up the same expression a grumpy old English maid would have on her face wearing such an outfit - tweed, velvet upholstery and an awful clown-inspired ruffle collar.

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"Hi, my name is John." Even supermodel and social media sensation Gigi Hadid could not save this one.

The Miu Miu coat looked like a carpet from any European castle which was heavily adorned with silver embellishments and iron-on patches to make it look "unique" and "exciting" instead of "Salvation Army" material.

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"I am the lady that makes your tea and tea cozies as well."

If wearing pillowcases and sofa covers from medieval times are the next cool thing, you can definitely count us out.

The Verdict
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"Quick, let's make a run for it!"

Miuccia Prada's collection looks as dreary as the current economic times.

Even with a runway collection exuding some serious old lady vibes, we bet even 94-year-old stylish grand dame Irish Apfel wouldn't wear any of these runway pieces unless she owes Miuccia a really, really big favour.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chloe Fall Winter 2016 - Parisian Hobo Rising

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The long-awaited Chloe Fall Winter 2016 runway show, what was supposed to be one of the biggest highlights of Paris Fashion Week had an awry start when Vogue Japan editor Anna Della Russo was spotted moments before the show wearing an oversized wool poncho with what looked like a floor-sweeping fringe skirt.

Her bizarre outfit that made her look like a massive hippie, patchwork and watercolour stingray complete with jellyfish stingers at the bottom. The sight to behold was indeed an omen of things to come just before the runway presentation.

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A massive common stingray swooped into the room at the Chloe Fall Winter 2016 runway show, missing the model just by seconds.

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Next up, what appears to be an exotic yellow jellyfish creeps up behind a runway model. It was a narrow escape for the model wearing lace curtains and a skirt that looked like bloomers from the 1800s.

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Like runny watercolour on a badly-painted canvas, this hippie inspired look was more hobo than heavenly. The design of the dress also seemed to be inspired by granny's cross-stitching class with bits and bobs of silk haphazardly glued on to form a picture of myopia.

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We were unsure if the wisps of synthetic cotton-mix hair-like fibres on H&M's faux fur coats looked better than Chloe's only colourful runway show-piece. 

The shaggy coat left us undecided whether it was made of colourful mop heads or the Yip-yip yipping alien duo from Sesame Street!

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Wool never looked so bad on a human model. Chloe's over-sized, jellyfish dresses are best for pregnant ladies to cover their blossoming bellies. However, usually there is nothing romantic or elegant about pregnancy or pregnant women.

If you like to wear dull old carpets or rugs, Chloe's Fall 2016 runway collection will give you the instant "From riches to rags" look so you can look like a true Parisian hobo.

Image source:, WWD, Vogue Paris, V magazine

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Molested in Norway: What You Need to Know about Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in Scandinavia

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As part of the world gears up for Milan Fashion Week after the end of the London Fall Winter 2016 runway collections, I am left with a bad after-taste of my recent travels in Scandinavia. 

"One can tell if a country is developed or not from the way they treat women."

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Image source: Static DNA India

Ironically, a country like Norway - a Scandinavian country that supposedly upholds human rights and gender equality has failed miserably by simply choosing to ignore the cries of women that have undergone sexual harassment.

In this case, I was unfortunate enough to be a victim of molestation and racial discrimination on my recent trip to Norway.

What was meant to be a quick but lovely getaway turned into a nightmare for me very quickly.

As a seasoned traveller that has travelled to Norway at least 5 times before, I have been hassled at Oslo's Gardermoen Airport by burly Caucasian men and women alike simply because of my race. Oftentimes, I am the only Asian person in the queue towards immigration. 

Before I delve into my case, here is a basic background on how Norway's sexual violence cases are at a national level and how well victims stand a chance against their aggressors in court.

This will provide a good understanding as to why I would need you to help share my story in order: 

1) Spread awareness of the dangers of sexual harassment, gender and racial discrimination at Norwegian airports especially when the perpetrator is still un-apprehended and working at any one of the Norwegian state owned Avinor airports.

2) Educate your friends and families on potential harassment at all airports in Norway by officers who abuse their power and/or due to gender and racial discrimination as well.

How Rape Cases are Handled in Norway

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The incidence of reported rape in Norway for 2010 is about 35 out of every 100, 000 people. 

Although the statistics above seem low; it is alarming why there is no detailed national statistic available to the public.

There are growing concerns in Norway about low reporting and conviction rate for rape cases. 

"According to Amnesty International, 84% of rape cases reported to the police do not reach court; and of those that reach trial, 36% end in acquittal." In 2003, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) expressed concern about the situation of sexual violence in Norway, stating the following,

'[The United Nations Committee] is also concerned that an extremely low percentage of reported rapes results in convictions and that the police and public prosecutors dismiss an increasing number of such cases.'

Molested and Subjected to Gender and Racial Discrimination

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Image source: That's Mag
A man impersonates an airport security to molest women. The biggest irony here is that airport security staff could simply just grope and touch women wherever they want to, however they want to in the name of some man-made protocol or law. 

I was checking in on my flight at Avinor (state-owned and run) Leknes airport in Lofoten in for a late morning flight bound for Oslo via via Bodo. 

There was some hassle with baggage so I decided to go through airport security first while the person was with spoke to the counter staff.

I still remember the incident vividly, the sick, disgusting act committed by a seemingly harmless elderly male airport security officer. 

It was between 10.30am to 11am. After I walked through the security gate, the metal detector did not beep and nothing was wrong yet I was subjected to a full body search. The elderly man asked me to raise both my arms and then he started molesting me. He touched my breasts, circling his hands around them firmly. He then asked me to turn around, running his hands over my thighs and buttocks. 

At that moment, I felt that something was really wrong yet he pretended as if everything was normal and fine.

I felt shocked and disgusted that he had abused his power as a security personnel. There were two female security staff on duty and they should have conducted the search yet they pretended like nothing wrong had happened. 

Right after my inappropriate body search, a middle-age female security staff with short hair and glasses went through my handbag even though it did not have any problems after going through the scanner. Usually, if there is a problem, the staff would put the bag aside and ask me to come to the counter. Instead, she just rummaged through my bag. When I asked her what was wrong. She said it was nothing but a random check. 

However at every other airport, a random check would result in a beep. There was no beep. She held up the line going through every single thing in my handbag including my wallet which she opened, checked how much money I was carrying and looked through my personal diary - once again abusing their power as airport security staff. 

I was wearing the same boots as the person I was with yet they did not need to remove them but I was told to do so. The person I was with is of caucasian origin.

At all other airports, including Oslo, neither of us did not need to remove our boots. This is completely unacceptable as I was subjected to racial, gender discrimination, and worst of all sexually violated. 

This blatant violation of my body and rights as a human being was due to me not only being the youngest female but also the only Chinese passenger in the airport. This is no way to treat a tourist or a human being.

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"Few people would return to a country after being treated worse than an animal, and have anything good to say about the airports in Norway."

Worse still, even after filing a report with Avinor headquarters and seeking help with Avinor Oslo Gardermoen airport staff who were completely useless and only offered me a general enquiry e-mail address, I received no response from anyone at all.

It has been radio silence for two weeks and counting since I sent the report.

This only proves that the statistics that I shared earlier that few of Norway's extremely low percentage of reported rapes results in convictions. 

Furthermore, the Norwegian government would simply dismiss any molest or rape cases.

This just demonstrates that the Norwegian government have complete disregard for women's welfare and rights resulting in me being yet another unreported statistic as a victim.

Further reading

"Unequal gender relations and belief in the sexual entitlement of men are entrenched in cultural and social norms, and the country has a very high incidence of rape. In the majority of cases, victims of sexual violence are silenced," according to a research by NGO Kick For Life

Why Sexual Violence isn't so straightforward

An Amnesty International report in 2010 pointed out that sexual violence happens in every single country, yet official figures show certain countries like Hong Kong and Philippines have zero cases of rape reported.

Evidently, women in some countries are much less likely to report an attack than in others and are much less likely to have their complaint recorded.

UN statistician Enrico Bisogno says surveys suggest that as few as one in 10 cases are ever reported to the police, in many countries.

"We often present the situation as kind of an iceberg where really what we can see is just the tip while the rest is below the sea level. It remains below the radar of the law enforcement agencies," he says.

While fellow Scandinavian country Sweden has the highest number of rape cases in Europe, it also has the lowest conviction rate of rape criminals. - "Top 5 countries with the highest rates of rape", IBT UK

Why are there high rape crimes in Sweden, Norway and Denmark compared to the rest of the world? - Quora

Often-times, victims fail to speak up because they fear social stigma or worse still lash-back from some members of public who think the victim instead of the aggressor is at fault.

I would strongly encourage all women and men out there who have experienced sexual harassment or violence to not just report their case to the authorities but spread the word to every single person you know about the aggressor and potential dangers everyone can look out for before they become a victim.

Friday, February 19, 2016

NYFW Fall 2016: Marc Jacobs Goes Gaga

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThis is not a picture of Lady Gaga but they basically made her look the same as this girl.

Instead of using Lady Gaga on his runway show, Marc Jacobs should just do a better collection for Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 collection for New York Fashion week.

Trying to copy Alexander McQueen in macabre 1800s inspired lace and long coats just failed to pay off for the ailing fashion designer.

Talk about staying relevant with the times (or creating timeless pieces).

Instead of moping around, let's move on for the next bout of serious runway reviews for London Fashion Week. Remember we don't boot-lick or sugar-coat our words unlike those Vogue editors and fashion writers.

We are probably your only source of honest, unadulterated, fashion reviewer left as every other, blogger, magazine, publisher or celebrity seems to have been paid off by various designer houses.

With that said, here's to wishing you a late Western and Chinese New Year!

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