Chloe Fall Winter 2016 - Parisian Hobo Rising

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The long-awaited Chloe Fall Winter 2016 runway show, what was supposed to be one of the biggest highlights of Paris Fashion Week had an awry start when Vogue Japan editor Anna Della Russo was spotted moments before the show wearing an oversized wool poncho with what looked like a floor-sweeping fringe skirt.

Her bizarre outfit that made her look like a massive hippie, patchwork and watercolour stingray complete with jellyfish stingers at the bottom. The sight to behold was indeed an omen of things to come just before the runway presentation.

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A massive common stingray swooped into the room at the Chloe Fall Winter 2016 runway show, missing the model just by seconds.

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Next up, what appears to be an exotic yellow jellyfish creeps up behind a runway model. It was a narrow escape for the model wearing lace curtains and a skirt that looked like bloomers from the 1800s.

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Like runny watercolour on a badly-painted canvas, this hippie inspired look was more hobo than heavenly. The design of the dress also seemed to be inspired by granny's cross-stitching class with bits and bobs of silk haphazardly glued on to form a picture of myopia.

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We were unsure if the wisps of synthetic cotton-mix hair-like fibres on H&M's faux fur coats looked better than Chloe's only colourful runway show-piece. 

The shaggy coat left us undecided whether it was made of colourful mop heads or the Yip-yip yipping alien duo from Sesame Street!

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Wool never looked so bad on a human model. Chloe's over-sized, jellyfish dresses are best for pregnant ladies to cover their blossoming bellies. However, usually there is nothing romantic or elegant about pregnancy or pregnant women.

If you like to wear dull old carpets or rugs, Chloe's Fall 2016 runway collection will give you the instant "From riches to rags" look so you can look like a true Parisian hobo.

Image source:, WWD, Vogue Paris, V magazine


  1. I just love your collection. This is the best collection of winter 2016.


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