Misery at Miu Miu Fall 2016 Milan Fashion Week

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"Hi my name is Rex and I work at a gas station near you. I'm as smooth as my greasy hair."

Unfortunately, this was the opening look for the Miu Miu Fall Winter 2016 runway show which ended Paris fashion week on an all-time low.

When Vogue's Sarah Mower quizzed designer Miuccia Prada on what Miu Miu is about. Her response was astonishing.

 “Dressing with what’s left. Nobility and misery!” 

Ironically, the businesswoman who took over the family-run business since 1978 was joking.

Miu Miu was supposed to be fun and exciting but perhaps they hit the nail on the spot for teenagers who want to dress really bad nowadays as they try to unravel their present by taking bad references from the past.

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"Excuse me madam, but you are leaving with the dinner table top." - waiter at a high-end restaurant

Probably quite as embarrassing as leaving the washroom with toilet paper stuck on your outfit, the giant, what-was-supposed-to-look-like-a-bow, seemed as awkward and out-of-place as the lace collar and musty carpet-inspired tapestry belt on a standard denim jacket.

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How did they manage to photoshop supermodel Edie Campbell's waistline away?

It is quite impressive to achieve the effect of looking like you have no figure even with a belt cinched above one's waist. We can only blame heartless layering and unflattering, cropped pirate pants for this one.

Last season's Gucci furry slippers were quirky but kinda cool. This season's furry slippers by Miu Miu looked like a cheap fetish item for the bedroom of 12-year-olds.

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"Help help, those hideous collars just won't disappear!"

The model's expression really sums up the same expression a grumpy old English maid would have on her face wearing such an outfit - tweed, velvet upholstery and an awful clown-inspired ruffle collar.

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"Hi, my name is John." Even supermodel and social media sensation Gigi Hadid could not save this one.

The Miu Miu coat looked like a carpet from any European castle which was heavily adorned with silver embellishments and iron-on patches to make it look "unique" and "exciting" instead of "Salvation Army" material.

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"I am the lady that makes your tea and tea cozies as well."

If wearing pillowcases and sofa covers from medieval times are the next cool thing, you can definitely count us out.

The Verdict
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"Quick, let's make a run for it!"

Miuccia Prada's collection looks as dreary as the current economic times.

Even with a runway collection exuding some serious old lady vibes, we bet even 94-year-old stylish grand dame Irish Apfel wouldn't wear any of these runway pieces unless she owes Miuccia a really, really big favour.

Image source: style.com


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