Pride Month Movie: The Normal Heart

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June is Pride month. Almost every major company in the world has changed their brand profile to include rainbow colours. We haven't because we believe the LGBT community deserves recognition not just for one month in a year but every single day.

At Unlikely You, we celebrate equality, and embrace different groups and preferences as we all are unique individuals but human beings at the same time who should be treated equally despite our differences.

The pride month movie to watch is The Normal Heart - a story about how Ned, a writer played by Mark Ruffalo, fights against the system and society for the fate of the LGBT community.

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Julia Roberts as Dr Emma Brookner who is passionate about her cause but frustrated with little progress in her quest for recognition and research of the fast-spreading disease, remains undaunted

Set in 1980s New York, Ned and his friends lost some of their close friends to a mysterious disease known at that time as "gay cancer". Ned seeks the help of Dr Emma (Julia Roberts), who sees patients afflicted with this disease where most doctors would shun, to understand more about this infection.

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Ned, Bruce, Joe and friends try to get support for the gay community for donations to fund the research and awareness for the disease, but to no avail.

The movie depicts the group and especially Ned desperately doing their best to overcome all obstacles including scepticism from the larger LGBT community and people in power - the health authorities, to get funding, support and acknowledgement towards their cause.

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Felix played by Matt Bomer, is a New York Time's reporter who fell in love with Ned at first sight.

Eventually Neds' close friends and his boyfriend Felix passed away while fighting the disease now known as HIV or AIDS in the present day.

The movie ending is poignant and thought-provoking, leaving the audience to wonder what would the future be for Ned and his activist group.

On the overall, this movie is riveting and touching at so many levels at the same time. Hopefully it will help people in the present day with prejudices understand why we are all just equals.

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Jim Parsons as AIDS activist in one of the final scenes where he exudes quiet desperation, frustrated because of how little he could do to prevent the growing number of deaths in the gay community.

If we all don't stand for something, then we are nothing.

Popcorn bucket level: 95% full
Rating: Must-watch

All photos source: HBO TV movie - The Normal Heart


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