War Machine is Brad Pitt's Must-watch Movie

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War Machine received plenty of largely negative reviews last week when it premiered on Netflix on May 26.

However, we think that's all nonsense. Bad press and negative commentary can be easily used to write-off sometimes a good movie, whereas terribly bland and mass-market movies can get all the attention and money it needs.

At Unlikely You, we prefer movies of substance with meaningful messages. After all, learning is a lifelong lesson. That being said, although War Machine is not a documentary and was marketed as more of a comedy movie, there were plenty of harsh and sobering realities bottled in the clever and witty script written by no newcomer but Australian film director and screenwriter David Michôd, that made it feel more real than it should be. 

In the movie War Machine, Brad Pitt plays a no-nonsense general McMahon, leader of the the US Army stationed in Afghanistan who strongly believed that US military presence would help the citizens fight the war against terrorists.

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Highly decorated Brad Pitt stars alongside Ben Kingsley who assumed the role of former President of Afghanistan Harmid Karzai

The charismatic general had an idealistic viewpoint of how to get about things done his way with the support of a motley crew of loyal soldiers who try to bond with young, sceptical and inexperienced troops.

Tilda Swinton does a rather convincing impression of a German journalist who questions Brad Pitt on whether his plans for the US  troops to stay in Afghanistan was mostly a self-constructed illusion which would not help the Afghans or put an end to the terrorist attacks.

She dismissed General McMahon's theory that eliminating more terrorists would create even more terrorists and the need for more foreign troops in a largely troubled country.

Some key messages from the movie was the harsh reality that the then president may not have cared enough about the war in Afghanistan to even meet with the general and discuss it, hence questioning the fact of all that wasted taxpayers money and resources that could have been put to better use.

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If there was one thing true and non-debatable takeaway from the movie, the war on terrorism cannot be won in eight years. It has to be a continuous effort by multiple nations who have sadly withdrawn their troops from the highly problematic area.

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Rating: Must-watch

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