Gigi Hadid is human just like us

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Even world-famous supermodels have bad hair days and days when outfit choices seem to be too confusing, proving that the sometimes impossibly beautiful Victoria's Secret angel is only human and just like the rest of us. 

Gigi Hadid looks rough as she suffers from a severe bad hair day - damaged and frizzy peroxide locks, a tragic result of multiple balayage sessions and maintenance to keep her locks blonde and roots touched-up.

Her dried-out and damaged hair is probably a result of too much styling products and tools such as heated flat-iron and multiple hair styling tools.

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She is pictured make-up free in New York, wearing her Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear collection cat-eye sunglasses, a mini box bag that looks like a coffin, a middle-aged lady's floral-print ruffled and collared blouse, cropped, picnic-basket print, blue checked pants which fortunately Gigi can get away with her stick-thin long pins, further emphasising a pair of ugly white, slip-on mules.


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