Gigi Hadid's Racism Costs her Victoria's Secret Show

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Gigi Hadid backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in 2016

Less than two weeks before the 2017 Victoria's Secret Show which happened on Monday and will be airing on 28 November, supermodel Gigi Hadid is dropped from the lucrative deal for being racist to Asian people of Chinese, Korean or Japanese descent.

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Gigi Hadid in a video squinting her eyes to look like a Chinese person, making fun of slit eyes.

Contrary to all Western media who covered Gigi Hadid's racist act caught in a video, she is holding a Japanese sumo face shaped dessert, usually a red bean jam paste filled pancake called a Ningyo-yaki.

British media have called it a Buddha's face, further cementing the fact that the Western media is racist and ignorant. Wake up people, not all Asians are the same race!

The supermodel is no stranger to racist acts, contributing to the negative stereotype that models are more beauty than brains.

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The irony of the Vogue magazine cover title ' "The Power of Personality - or lack of it."

In November 2015, Gigi an American citizen who lives in New York and not the sticks, agreed to appear on the cover of Vogue Italia magazine styled in an Afro complete with a "blackface".

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Narrowing her eyes to mimic Melania Trump in an heavily accented Eastern European tone on a TV show.

Last year in November 2016, during the American Music Awards where she was paid to host the show, she did an incredible impression of an Eastern European person who also happens to be the first lady of America, Melania Trump.

The supermodel is currently representing brands such as Maybelline cosmetics for her East Coast, West Coast, Jetsetter make-up sets, Stuart Weitzman Evil Eye collection for her second collaboration of Gigi mules after her Gigi Boots Fall collection last year. She has also signed deals with Tommy Hilfiger for a third collection and a second tie-up with Vogue Eyewear.

Because she is fronting so many campaigns, Gigi's publicist would probably advise her to feign ignorance and not apologise to all Asian people outside of China. 

Editor's Personal note

Hi Gigi (or Gigi's publicity team), Chinese people do exist outside of China and we do speak English so please don't think we all use Weibo.

Being a person of Chinese, Japanese or Korean descent is already difficult as it is evident in Hollywood that we are the mystical race that never appears in hero roles that do not involve the stereotypical kung-fu, let alone win an Oscars, Golden Globe or Emmy awards. It would be a cold day in hell and God forbid that would ever happen.

As a fashion editor who is Chinese and proud, I have received racist remarks on my Instagram account in the early days saying I was fat and that I needed to get a tan by a white person.

If one was fat, they could choose to lose weight, if one was pasty they could choose to either use bronzer or tan themselves. However, how could one change their natural-born features such as the eyes?

Chinese eyes have always been portrayed as sinister, not to be trusted and ugly in contrast to our western counterparts, hence explaining why there are so few Asian people in western media. 

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Givenchy campaign with MariaCarla Boscono and Bella Hadid amongst other non-Asian models who are staring menacingly with their eyes drawn to look longish and small.

When Caucasian models draw their eyes in countless high-end fashion designer campaigns and runways to resemble longish yet small eyes (slits), it is deemed acceptable.

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(From left to right: 1) Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala earlier this year. We bet her make-up artist is White. 2) Gigi Hadid for Fendi's Spring Summer 2017 campaign, Bella Hadid at an awards ceremony)

How many popular Asian people in fashion are not extra-tanned fitting in to the negative stereotype of what the western audience want.

Instead of changing our skin color, subjecting ourselves to hunger when there are real people starving out there or the ridiculousness of going under surgery to "fix" our flaws, Asians and all races should be proud of their own heritage and to be in their own skin.

We applaud the the Chinese government for holding on to its principles instead of choosing money and to bow down to the Western world, this time. Instead of hiding from the truth, Gigi Hadid or her public relations team should take responsibility and apologise to her global fans and everyone.


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